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4/30/18   Personality in Video

So, you are at the point when the overwhelming stats have shown you that a video would be a great addition to your marketing portfolio.

Sometimes the "What now?" question can stop a business owner from taking the next step.

The "What now?" should be planning content for the video that will showcase your business and be compelling and interesting for viewers.

There's one word that should go through your mind when planning a video: Personality.

We have all seen the basic corporate production video that describes the company or what it offers, but the person in the video might as well have been a hired actor with the trace amount of personal connection they portrayed.

I always start videos with a story. The person or people being interviewed should be encouraged to let their personalities shine in the video. It's important for them to make an emotional connection with the viewer.

In a company video, that means telling the story of why they started the company or why they love their job. It means showing excitement over a new product or love for their awesome customers. It means letting pride of what the business offers to the community shine through.

Before you pick up the phone to call a video professional, think through what you'd like your video to look like. Google search several videos from your industry and other industries. Make a list of styles or elements you like. All that information will be very helpful in communicating exactly what you want to the person making your video.

When you look through other video examples, pay attention to how much personality is in the videos that capture your eye and ear the most. Think about how you want the person watching your video to feel about you and your business.

In most industries, there are many options for customers. When potential customers find your business online they will most likely watch a video before picking up the phone to call you. Think about how powerful that first impression could be.

As a former TV reporter, I have been trained in finding the emotional connection to every story. For my customers, I am proud to be able to ask the right questions or write a script that lets the personality of the person on camera shine through.

Please call Tilt Up Media to talk more about what a compelling, personality filled video can do in helping your company's marketing reach new levels.


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